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Higer Bus Enters the Market of Ireland Again


Recently, 10 Higer luxurious medium coaches KLQ6962KAR were sent to Shanghai port and completed the product delivery, which is the second delivery in this year after a delivery of 10 buses in April, and another 10 buses wi...


HIGER Appears at Sochi Bus & Coach Show for Second Consecutive Year


Sochi Bus & Coach Show took place in Russia's southern city of Sochi from June 28 to 29, 2018. As an exhibitor from China, HIGER appeared at the show with KLQ6128LQ and KLQ6928Q buses.  ...


HIGER Double-decker Buses Serve World Cup Fans


FIFA World Cup 2018 is in full swing and attracting worldwide attention. On the pitches, players are fighting for glory with sweat and wisdom; in the stands, fans from around the world are cheering for their favorite teams...


35 HIGER buses were delivered to Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


On May 18, local time, the delivery ceremony of 35 HIGER buses was held in the parking lot of Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr.Roha, Minister of Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr...


HIGER Buses Serve Star Teams During FIFA World Cup 2018


The football pitches in Russiawere filled with sweat, tears, passion and shout. After 14 days of intense competition, the much-anticipated last 16 list of FIFA World Cup 2018 has rolled out. Players fought for dreams on th...


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