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Higer Bus Has Served Boao Forum For 12 Years

“Since Higer Bus was firstselected as service vehicle for the Boao Forum in 2009, this year marks the12th year that we have persistently served the Boao Forum.” Gary Jiang, GeneralManager of Higer Bus Overseas Sales Company, introduced; amidst service tasksof the Boao Forum these years, Higer Bus has assumed service assurance work forpersonnel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Forum Secretariat, South Korea Team,Philippines Team, Hong Kong Team, etc., winning unanimous recognition and applaud. ...
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Higer Customized Driverless Bus Made Stunning Appearance at Shanghai International Auto Show

On April 19-28, as the world’s first A-class autoshow held on schedule this year, the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show gatheredglobal attention, and attracted 1000+ enterprises to dispatch high-end luxurylineups, pinpointing future electrification, digitalization, intelligence and connectivity,and leading the global auto industry technology and new market trends. Higer 5G driverless bus, jointly created by HigerBus, QCraft and China Mobile, made a stunning appearance and att...
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