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Higer Bus Sets Off! Chinese Government Aids Equatorial Guinea


As a coastal country in central and western Africa, Equatorial Guinea has long been among the rank of the least developed countries in the world. Over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between E...


A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You


The sales volume of HIGER buses in the UAE market continues rising, and the number of HIGER buses in UAE has reached 1204 units. HIGER has an excellent performance in the global market with relatively mature after-sales servic...


Higer Wins the “2020 Best Employer in Greater Suzhou” Again


On August 20, 2020 the 7th “Awarding Ceremony of Best Employer in Greater Suzhou And Employer Brand” was celebrated in the studio of Suzhou Broadcasting System. Due to its good employer brand image, outstanding results ...


HIGER Brand Value Is Rated at CNY 50.687Billion


On August, the 17th World Brand Summit & News Release for China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands was held in Beijing. HIGER, whose brand value reached RMB 50.687 billion, was included in the list for the 13th year in a row, taki...


For the Last Kilometer! Higer Officially Launches “Qingyuan” Series of Pure Electric Minibuses


On August 12, Higer held the press release of new “Qingyuan” series in Suzhou. At the ceremony, Higer released the 6.5m and 5.9m (to which Class-B Driver’s License applies) “Qingyuan” series of low-entry pure electric minib...


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