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Higer Bus Resumes Negative Pressure Ambulance Production Line for Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia


The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in the spring of 2020. When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it, and time is life. The people of the whole countr...


A New Batch of HIGER Super-capacitor City Buses Was Delivered to Bulgaria


A batch of new generation of HIGER super-capacitor city buses was officially put into operation in Sofia, the capital of Bulgarian, on January 7 of local time. This is the second time for Sofia to introduce super-capacitor cit...


Higer Bus Shines in Myanmar


On November 28, GM Company, Higer Bus distributor in Myanmar, held a marketing event in Yangon by joined hands with Higer. Higer bus KLQ6128K and KLQ6119Q models were showed to transport companies and touring companies from Ya...


Higer Bus Boosts Macao to Draw New Blueprint for Public Transport Development


On December 20th, the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to the motherland, she presents a glorious chapter on successful practice of “One Country, Two Systems” with Macao characteristics to the world, in a new posture of vita...


Higer Electric City Bus Delivered to South Korea Again


On December 5, the delivery ceremony of 20 Higer electric city buses was held in Bucheon, South Korea. More than one hundred people attended the ceremony, including Jang Deog Cheon, Bucheon Mayor;Kim Dong Hee,Speaker of Bucheo...


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