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40 Units Higer Intelligent Buses to Arrive in Inner Mongolia for Operation


On November 6, netizens shared pictures online, showing a huge line of buses driving on expressways. Later, it is revealed that a total number of 40 units Higer intelligent buses were on the way to Jungar Banner, Inner Mon...


First Batch of 40 Higer Light Duty Vehicles Depart to Myanmar


Recently, in the Higer Bus Factory, two rows of pure white Higer light duty vehicles were neatly parked and poised to depart. Aerial drones buzzed above the sky, recording this moment. It is reported that this ...


Higer: Customer Training Unrelaxed during the Epidemic


In Macau, Higer buses are increasingly pervasive. Up to date, the market ownership has exceeded 700 units, ranking second among Chinese bus brands, earning high brand awareness and reputation in the locality, and mainly ser...


Higer Bus Sets Off! Chinese Government Aids Equatorial Guinea


As a coastal country in central and western Africa, Equatorial Guinea has long been among the rank of the least developed countries in the world. Over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between E...


A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You


The sales volume of HIGER buses in the UAE market continues rising, and the number of HIGER buses in UAE has reached 1204 units. HIGER has an excellent performance in the global market with relatively mature after-sales servic...


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