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HIGER Enters Wi-fi Era


The HIGER Cloud Strategy Press Conference was held on May 14 at the National Convention Center in Beijing with major media coverage. The HIGER Cloud System, which provides free cloud system equipment, installation and m...


HIGER BUS at the 6th International Autoparts Exhibition


From May 7 to 9, HIGER attended the 6th International Exhibition for Autoparts, Truck Parts, Garage & Service Equipment and Petrol Stations (Kazakhstan) held at Baluan Sholak Exhibition Center in Almaty, with the presence...


HIGER BUS Serves at Variety Cycle Australia


Hosted by Variety, a children’s charity program in Australia, Variety Cycle aims at encouraging more donations for children and improving their well-being. This year’s Variety Cycle started from Sydney and cove...


HIGER Sets New Goals in New Energy Vehicle Development


Recently, HIGER revealed that it would focus on developing pure electric vehicles in the next three years. Zhang Weilin, director of Suzhou Higer Bus New Energy Research Institute, stated that the company's priority in 2014 i...


HIGER ISG Plug-in New Energy Buses Offer Green Travel


Currently, HIGER new energy buses have become the first choice of many city buses in China. "We purchased 209 new energy buses from HIGER," Wang Yuzhou, deputy general manager of Xuzhou Transport, told the author, "They have ...


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