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HIGER Making Its Way to CNY10 Billion Enterprise


With a cost of CNY 0.14 billion, HIGER light duty vehicle manufacturing base in Suzhou was put into production last September. Over 6000 units have been produced by late 2012. Additionally, one production line for high-end lu...


HIGER New-energy Buses Make Contribution to Environmental Protection


Enduring smog is warning us of the severity of air pollution, and the need of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles seems to be forcing the transport industry to find solutions. As China's leading new-energy bus man...


Luxury Coach Bellwether Scania-HIGER Moves Forward


In spite of the economic downturn in 2012, the performance of Scania-HIGER coaches has been remarkable.     Mr. Zheng Chunhui, Director of Scania-HIGER Luxury Coach Department, claimed that over 360 Scania-H...


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