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HIGER Wins Two Honors in China's Annual Bus Event


On January 12, 2018, the "12th Great Influence to China Buses Industry" took place in Beijing. Nearly 200 industrial experts, as well as representatives of societies, bus manufacturers, public transport companies and techn...


35 Units Higer Buses Exported to Trinidad and Tobago


On January 12, a grand ceremony was held at the headquarter of Higer to mark the delivery of Higer buses to Trinidad and Tobago.  Situated in the southern Caribbean of Central America, ...


HIGER Attends Annual Road Transport Industry Award Ceremony Organized by Ministry of Transport of Ivory Coast


Recommend by Toure, Chairman of the Passenger Transport Alliance of Ivory Coast, Higer overseas sales managers Xu Zhihui and Chen Yixiang, as well as service technician Zhang Ruiwan traveling on business in Ivory Coast att...


Higer New Hiace Vans Shipped in Batches


After years of market accumulation and development, facing the overall decline of the industry, Higer Overseas Light Duty Vehicles has taken the initiative to change and developed the New Hiace Van. Since the development i...


Over 600 Units Higer Buses Start Operation in Weihai


    To accomplish such a task, Weihai Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Weihai Public Transport) plays an essential role, providing urban and suburban transport services ...