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HIGER Showcases Four New Vehicle Models at Auto Shanghai 2015

Posted:15-04-24 12:00:00

From Apr. 22 to Apr. 29, 2015, the 16th Shanghai International Auto Exhibition was held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center under the theme of “Innovation for Upgrading”. HIGER brought its four new models on display, including B-type and C-type recreational vehicle, H6V electric light bus, and Longwei pickup.

By attending such a high-profile auto exhibition in China, HIGER is aiming at further strengthening its brand competitiveness. In response to the new round of industrial upgrading, HIGER is now actively involved in making its own unique contributions to realize “China’s Manufacture 2025” initiative launched by the national government. By continuously taking advantage of its production of scale, state-of-art technologies and high brand recognition, HIGER hopes to contribute more significantly to the national manufacturing industry.