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CNAICO and HIGER sign a strategic agreement

Posted:16-03-03 12:00:00

On March 2nd, 2016, a strategic cooperation agreement ceremony was held between China National Automotive Industry International Corporation (CNAICO) and Higer Bus Company Limited. The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by CNAICO General Manager and Party Secretary Mr. Han Xiaojun, and by HIGER Deputy General Manager and Overseas Sales Company General Manager Mr. Huang Shuping. The agreement will further strengthen CNAICO and HIGER cooperation in global markets such as Central Asia and the Americas, providing a more powerful and mutually beneficial platform support.

After signing the agreement, both parties briefly introduced their respective companies and agreed to reach a wide-ranging global cooperation by giving full play to their respective advantages in vehicle export and large complete projects. This win-win cooperation will boost both CNAICO and HIGER core competitiveness, mutually enhancing their harmonious growth and development.