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HIGER Sets up New Production Base in Kazakhstan

Posted:16-12-15 12:00:00

On December 14, a grand ceremony was held in Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan, to celebrate the launch of a project for producing electric buses by HIGER and Parasat, a well-renowned research center in Kazakhstan. The project is launched in response to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s call for Sino-Kazakhstan Productivity Cooperation, which aims to enhance the construction of local infrastructure.

As the fastest growing bus maker in China, HIGER has always been fully committed to upgrading global public transportation and promote green mobility across the world.

As China’s second largest trading partner in Russian-speaking countries following Russia, Kazakhstan is facing increasingly severe air pollutions. Against such a backdrop, Parasat, a famous research center attached to Kazakhstan National Science and Technology University, is joining hands with HIGER in researching and developing electric buses. According to HIGER, after the completion of the production base, HIGER electric buses will be assembled in Almaty to largely meet the needs of urban public transportation in Kazakhstan. Designed to work smoothly even in such extreme cold temperatures as minus 30 degree Celsius, HIGER electric bus will also serve at the 2017 World Expo held in Kazakhstan.

Earlier this year, Mr. Zhomart, Deputy General Manager of Parasat, paid a special visit to HIGER’s headquarters in Suzhou, holding in-depth discussions with HIGER General Manager Mr. Huang Shuping for jointly researching and developing localized environmentally-friendly buses. Soon, Parasat and HIGER will cooperate to build recharging facilities and improve the operation conditions for electric buses in Almaty. Both parties are also involved in developing “Smart City” applications for urban public transportation.

Currently, HIGER is the first bus maker from China to conduct KD assembly, production and sales work within Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). It is now well positioned to take full advantage of favorable policies tailor-made for all members of Eurasian Customs Union.