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HIGER KLQ6129 Launching Ceremony in Chad

Posted:17-01-05 12:00:00

In December 2016, Higer Bus Company Limited successfully held a product launch event in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, for the promotion and on-site display of the HIGER KLQ6129 bus model. Jointly organized with HIGER’s local business partner, the ceremony was well received by the numerous visitors attracted by the debut of a brand new coach in Chad.

After conducting an extensive market research study and analyzing the local market conditions, HIGER finally decided to choose the KLQ6129 model to enter and develop the market in the Chad region with a future vision of growth and expansion. Chad is a landlocked country with occasionally challenging transportation links between major cities and neighboring countries. Local road conditions are also challenging: while main roads In N'Djamena are paved, others are normally covered with dirt and sand due to frequent sandstorms. HIGER KLQ6129 is a highly reliable bus which delivers a solid performance even under the toughest road conditions.

During the event, which gathered a total of nine bus and coach operators from N’Djamena, visitors praised the elegant design and technical features of KLQ6129 as an outstanding solution for tour operators, charter bus companies, business vehicle service contractors and other passenger transportation companies within the country.

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