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First Batch of 20 HIGER Coaches Heading for Russia

Posted:17-04-27 12:00:00

In April 2017, a first batch of 20 HIGER coaches was dispatched from HIGER headquarters to Russia after thorough inspection. With a tight production time-to-market of only 2 months, HIGER teams worked closely together across different departments not only to meet the customers’ requirements but also exceed their expectations. Russian customers praised HIGER’s efforts to meet the deadlines, the timely and comprehensive service provided and the overall quality of the final products.



HIGER is dedicated to deliver cost efficient, attractive buses with a high level of durability and safety. With their streamlined, high-end configuration features and elegant appearance, HIGER coaches are highly demanded by coach operators and tour companies as they are perfectly suitable for long distance and intercity travel. In particular, HIGER KLQ6928Q, KLQ6119TQ and KLQ6129Q are specifically designed in accordance with the factors and requirements of the local geographical environment, passenger habits and operators' demands in Russia.


Whatever your requirements may be, HIGER can offer you the perfect bus and coach solutions to suit your needs and budget. Click here to find the best vehicle for your needs.