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Higer Launches Brand Promotion Campaign at Bus & Truck Expo 2017

Posted:17-05-24 12:00:00

On May 24, Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components 2017 officially kicked off at Beijing Exhibition Center.

Higer brought its classic vehicles on display. Also, it held a press conference themed with "New Concept, New Journey". Xu Jianzhong, Deputy General Manager of Higer, reviewed the history of Higer with all participants and announced that the company launched brand promotion campaign which focuses on making Higer buses more intelligent.


Having been devoted to researching and developing internet of vehicles for over a decade, Higer officially released its upgraded G-BOS III intelligent operation system. Consisting of three platforms which monitor in real-time the operation of passenger buses, tourist coaches, chemical vehicles, new energy vehicles, school buses and commute vehicles, G-BOS III manages vehicles in a more efficient and reliable manner.

Through accurate assessment of drivers’ driving skills and vehicles’ operation data, G-BOS III system helps bus operators further cut their vehicle insurance costs. In addition, its driver identification and fatigue detection, lane deviation alarming system, automatic anti-collision system, panoramic view system as well as speed limit via distance control all contribute to helping the vehicle achieve unprecedented safety standards.


Apart from improving vehicles’ safety standards, G-BOS III system also helps boost operation efficiency and profit margin for bus operators. Thus, it has pushed the intelligent management within the industry to a whole new level.

Also at its press conference, Higer released its new bus Haiyue, China's first generation of intelligent bus. Built on the success of its predecessors, Haiyue boasts a number of innovative designs, including a dashboard similar to the one on a sedan vehicle, USB ports at all seats, ergonomically designed switches, cozy chairs, a lower floor access, and more spacious room for passengers. Plus its fashionably unique appearance and comfortable interior, the vehicle also achieves high fuel economy thanks to EST engine fuel saving technology.


Closely following the market trends and customers'special needs, Higer is aiming to further strengthen its leading position in the global bus manufacturing industry and contribute its own part to bringing revolutionary forces to the public transport sector across the globe.

Higer consciously started building its brand in 2003. After several rounds of brand promotion campaigns, Higer has grown into one of the leading bus brands in China.

Now, the world is undergoing dramatic changes. Against such a backdrop, China is transitioning from a big player in the global auto market to a strong one. To successfully accomplish such a transition, Higer has long realized that developing environmentally friendly new energy vehicles and related technologies is the only way out.