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Higer Ultra-Capacitor Bus Shines at Austria

Posted:17-06-09 12:00:00

In June, two units Higer ultra-capacitor buses have successfully operated in Graz, Austria. After several months operating, Higer Bus has won highly praise of local customers. This marks Higer Bus will become China's first e-bus venture to enter Austria and open a new chapter in Europen Market.

City of Graz public transport director Barbara Muhr is excited about the new buses and looking forward to seeing more of them in cities around the world. Graz has put the first set of new buses in public operation on one of its lines in late 2016. Shortly, they will exchange their conventional buses of a second line with ultra-capacitor buses. So far, the tests have been very successful. There were no service disruptions and even on very cold days there was no substantial reduction in range.

Without the need for batteries, the new buses can be manufactured with a considerably lower environmental impact. The lack of conventional batteries also lower the risk of on-board fires, a huge concern for public transport. With a 100% renewable energy mix, such buses are the future.

These "ultra-capacitor" (UC) buses are fully charged at their terminal station for about 6-8 minutes, then drive their scheduled route of up to 20 km.