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Higer Buses Push China’s Bus Manufacturing Industry to a New Height

Posted:17-11-29 12:00:00

Only in business for just two decades, Higer has grown from just a bus assembly factory without any facilities for bus research & development to a globally renowned bus brands with an accumulated sales of over 300,000 units vehicles operating smoothly in over 100 countries and regions across the world.

Set up in 1998, Higer rolled out its first generation eight-meter 6791 medium-sized coach in 2000. Unlike its predecessor, the vehicle had its engine mounted at its rear. In 2001, it sold over 5,000 units, helping Higer rise to stardom in China’s bus manufacturing industry. With the continued success of its 6791, Higer gradually gained a solid foothold in China’s bus manufacturing industry, building up its own R&D centers, state-of-art production lines and well-connected marketing networks.

Soon, Higer successfully developed several star bus models, including the Series large-sized buses measuring 10-meters, 11-meters and 12-meters in length. In addition, by adopting more powerful engines, Higer buses gradually gained wide recognition in the public transport market, tourist transport market, business reception market.

In 2006, Higer launched a nationwide campaign themed with Safety First, aiming at raising the public’s awareness of the safe operation of buses. With the huge success of the campaign, Higer made its way to the top tier of Chinese bus makers. Also in that year, Higer exported 500 units buses to Doha, 1,000 units buses to Russia, and 600 units buses to Syria, officially ushering a new era of its business development.

By signing up a strategic cooperation agreement with the internationally famed Scania, Higer blazed a new trail of sino-foreign cooperation in the auto industry. It imported chassis from Scania and built its vehicles on Scania’s chassis. Thus, the luxury bus, Scania Higer was born. “Through years’ cooperation, we have long developed mutual trust and recognition, creating a win-win situation for both parties”, said Zheng Chunhui, Director of Higer Luxury Bus Department.

Very quickly, Higer rose to fame in the international bus market. Scania Higer buses have successfully made their way to over 40 countries and regions in the world, including 27 countries in EU, acting as the main force in China’s export of high-end buses.

Apart from their indisputably high quality, Higer buses and coaches have also earned a reputation as smart vehicles. As early as 2010, Higer G-BOS Intelligent Operation System made its debut, leading China’s commercial vehicle industry to go smarter.

Well integrating state-of-art technologies in AI, electrical engineering and information technology, Higer G-BOS Intelligent Operation System helps vehicles achieve real-time management, helping them achieve safer operation, higher fuel economy, GPS. By overcoming a host of difficulties faced by bus operators, Higer helps them improve their profit margin by significantly cutting down their operating costs. “So far, Higer G-BOS Intelligent Operation System has been introduced by over 2,000 bus operators across the nation, providing precise and highly efficient management service for over 110,000 vehicles”, said Wang Cheng, Higer G-BOS Development Department.

“Higer G-BOS Intelligent Operation System marked a new milestone in China’s commercial vehicle industry, announcing the arrival of internet of vehicles. This has exerted a huge impact on the overall development of China’s commercial vehicle industry”, said a bus expert.

In 2017, Higer launched its new generation of intelligent bus, which is full in line with Safe Bus Operation Regulations.

In the emerging new energy field, Higer is also playing a leading role. With its own New Energy Bus R&D Team, State-level Bus Development Laboratory, Higer New Energy Research Institute, New Energy Vehicle Electrical Control System Company, Higer now boasts a wide spectrum of new energy buses measuring from 4 meters to 12 meters in length. Applicable in a number of sectors, such as public transport, group tourist transport, short-distance passenger transport, logistic service, Higer new energy buses have been playing an essential role in promoting low-carbon lifestyle among urban residents.

In response to China’s Belt Road Initiative in recent years, Higer new energy buses have successfully made its way in a number of overseas markets, helping many countries build their own green public transport networks.

Statistics show that the accumulated sales of Higer new energy buses has exceeded 30,000 units, helping bus operators save 100 million liters of fuel and cutting the emissions of carbon dioxide by 800,000 tons.

Now, along with smarter and more environmentally friendly Higer buses and coaches going off their production line and hitting the global market, Higer is set to build a more harmonious world with sustainable development of people, vehicles and nature.