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Over 600 Units Higer Buses Start Operation in Weihai

Posted:17-12-27 12:00:00

    Located in Shandong province, Weihai is among the first batch of coastal cities in China that opened to foreign investments. From 2017 to 2020, Weihai city is aiming to build its Integrated Transit Corridor Management (ITCM), which features “rail transit + bus rapid transit” and multidimensional greener public transport systems.

    To accomplish such a task, Weihai Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Weihai Public Transport) plays an essential role, providing urban and suburban transport services for local citizens. Currently, the bus operator boasts 1,460 units buses, including over 1,200 units city buses, over 200 units travel coaches, and over 20 units school buses. Each year, it provides transport services for over 180 million passengers.

    “With relentless supports from Weihai municipal government, we are committed to building a greener and more intelligent public transport system for local citizens, ensuring the highest safety standards and more travel comforts for our passengers,” said Cong Guo, president of Weihai Public Transport.

    So far, the company has taken a number of measures to better its services for local citizens. For example, it has been optimizing its bus route networks, delivering the last-mile transport services to local citizens; it has built travel coach routes covering all major scenic spots in Weihai; in addition, for senior citizens, primary and secondary school students, those physically challenged people, they could all enjoy favorable prices while traveling by city buses.

    According to Sun Dongsong, Director of Mechanical Department of Weihai Public Transport, the bus operator boasts over 1,100 units energy-saving and new energy buses, accounting for 92% of its bus fleet.

    After a host of trial operations in the city, Higer plug-in hybrid buses were finally chosen to meet the demanding transport tasks. A team of technicians were also sent to the city to provide technical assistance.

    Equipped with customized powertrain systems, Higer plug-in hybrid city buses have gone through a series of fine-tuning. “We are also testing Higer electric city buses, making sure they fully meet our public transport demands,” said Sun Dongsong.

    Currently, over 1,200 units city buses are in smooth operation in Weihai. Among them, 60% are branded with Higer. “Since establishing cooperative ties with Higer in 2006, Higer buses have been delivering consistent and satisfying performance in Weihai,” said Sun Dongsong.

    As a strategic cooperative partner of Weihai Public Transport, Higer has already won wide recognition. Its huge success in the city can not only be attributed to its high quality and highly reliable products, but also its timely after-sales services.