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Higer New Hiace Vans Shipped in Batches

Posted:17-12-29 12:00:00

After years of market accumulation and development, facing the overall decline of the industry, Higer Overseas Light Duty Vehicles has taken the initiative to change and developed the New Hiace Van. Since the development in June, this product has been receiving batch orders. 90 buses have been shipped, 100 under production and 500 subject to potential orders.

In November 2017, 50 New Hiace Vans were shipped to the Americas. After more than a month's intense production, Higer’s production and sales teams have united as one to ensure the production and delivery. In order to meet the shipping requirements of customers, they have successfully completed the scheduling and delivery tasks while ensuring the quality and quantity.

Higer, with its rapid market response, has been developing buses on a well-timed manner. Up till now, Higer has already owned the European-style and Japanese-style vans, as well as high-end wide-body and economical new narrow-body vans. A full range of vans products can better meet market demand, improve dealer profitability and lay a foundation for follow-up overseas business of vans.

Higer’s international brand strategy and consummated after-sales service system can better adapt to its demand for market internationalization. In the upcoming 2018, Higer vans will be more outstanding and brilliant.