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HIGER Wins Two Honors in China's Annual Bus Event

Posted:18-01-17 12:00:00

On January 12, 2018, the "12th Great Influence to China Buses Industry" took place in Beijing. Nearly 200 industrial experts, as well as representatives of societies, bus manufacturers, public transport companies and technical service providers from across the country got together to exchange ideas and witness the annual bus event.

At the forum, seven special guest speakers looked into the current situation, existing problems and latest trend of China's bus industry, and offered advice on exploring the way for the future sustainable development of China's bus industry.

The results of the annual selection drawing wide attention were unveiled concurrently. After voting by one million users on, order proving, user interviews and surveys, and reviews by the China Society of Urban Public Transport and the expert panel of, Chinese bus segment leaders were selected.

Guided by the brand philosophy of "building smart products, leading by intelligence", HIGER has launched first-generation big data smart buses, held Smart Bus Experience & Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Seminar in 16 cities across the countries, and made persistent efforts to develop green public transport equipment, thus winning two honors-"Top 10 Bus News" and "New Energy Bus Customer Satisfaction Award" in the 2017 selection of "Great Influence to China Buses Industry".

"The event selects the best of the best and is a process of learning about frontier industrial technologies and trends. We are influenced and influencing others to make the best the driver of the industry," said a head of the Organizing Committee.

A nine-story platform starts from soil. HIGER is making unremitting efforts to advance industrial transformation and upgrading, boost the construction of "beautifulChina" and create more eco-friendly and convenient travel environment for people!