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Higer Electric Bus Enters Korea Market

Posted:18-01-18 12:00:00

On January 18, “Changwon Higer Electric Bus Launching Ceremony”was held at M Company in Changwon City, Gyeongnam ,Korea. The Vice Mayor of Changwon, General Manager of P Company, sales managers from Higer bus and more than 50 officials attended the event. It is first time Higer Electric bus was introduced in Gyeongnam , which is of great significance for Higer bus entering the Korea market as well as promoting environmental protection in Korea.

On the ceremony, Pang Kuixing, Head of the Asia-Pacific Region from Higer Overseas Sales company, delivered the first Higer electric bus (KLQ6109GEV ) key to Jae-Young Jang , General Manager of P Company, it means Higer Bus officially entered the Korea market.

Higer electric bus will operate in Route 122 in Changwon, with a total 58KM kilometers round-trip route and 5 shifts a day, the bus can run 129.5KM per charge with a constant speed. Through nearly one month trial operation, Higer electric bus not only have less noise than former CNG vehicles, but also the cost is only one-third comparing to the CNG bus, which was highly praised by local customers and passengers.

Based on this satisfied cooperation, Changwon plans to import more Higer electric buses in succession in 2018. Moreover, they expect Higer electric buses are not only recognized in Changwon as well as whole Korea electric public transport market, which will contributes to the environmental protection in Korea.