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Higer OSC & OSD Annual Conference 2017 Held in Suzhou

Posted:18-02-09 12:00:00

On February 7, Higer Overseas Sales Company (OSC) and Overseas Service Department (OSD) Annual Conference 2017 was held in Suzhou. Huang Shuping, General Manager of Higer Bus Company Limited (Higer) attended the conference and delivered an important speech. Among more than 200 attendees were Higer's senior executives, as well as all employees of OSC and OSD. Regional and departmental heads of Higer's overseas marketing system reviewed their work in 2017 and introduced their work plans for 2018.

At the conference, Jiang Haifeng, Deputy General Manager of OSC reviewed the company's key overseas efforts and results in 2017, pointing out existing problems and deficiencies. He noted that overseas teams should be tough, aggressive and collaborative instead of being self-willing, and strive to achieve overseas sales goals for 2018. We should also strengthen risk control, improve management, integrate KPI with OKR and optimize incentive policies with results as orientation. He hoped that we would forge ahead in the New Year.

2018 will see the 20th anniversary of Higer. Higer has full confidence in its overseas teams, hoping we would achieve desired results in the New Year. Mr. Huang expected that we would build confidence, change ideas, spare no efforts to fulfill sales targets and improve service efficiency to boost sales; strengthen feedback and visit to terminal customers; strengthen training to establish learning teams; and should never give up, be aggressive, admit no defeat and never miss any order.

At the conference, "Outstanding Overseas Marketing Teams", "Top 10 Overseas Marketers", "Outstanding Overseas Marketing Technicians" and "Outstanding Overseas Marketing Lecturers" were commended.