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Higer Euro VI Bus Passing High and Cold Test

Posted:18-03-21 12:00:00

In January 2018, the Higer Euro VI Bus with Cursor 9 Engine of FPT Industrial underwent a demanding high and cold test in Heihe in the northwest of Heilongjiang, the coldest area in China.

High and cold test is fully known as "adaptive development and area in frigid zone", with common test items mainly including low temperature cold start test, low temperature air conditioning system test, duration test in frigid zone, ESP test and low temperature braking system test etc. High and cold test is an inseparable link in the process of development of a new vehicle model, and the good performance of the new vehicle in the market can be guaranteed only after meeting the test requirements smoothly in an extremely environment, with environment covering ice surface, snow surface, road of mixed adhesion coefficient, slope and other road characteristics.

It is reported that the Euro VI Bus attending the high and cold test was a12mcity bus, which is a kind of bus researched and developed by Higer for the markets in Western Europe and Northern Europe. Higer Bus passed the demanding high and cold test, proving that Higer Euro VI bus can meet the use environment from40℃to-25℃, and meet the Euro VI standard.