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First 20 HIGER Mobile Clinic Buses to Set Out in Aid of Cambodia

Posted:18-03-29 12:00:00

On the morning of March 27, the handover ceremony of the first 20 Cambodia-aiding mobile clinic buses was held at the manufacturing base of HIGER Industrial Park. Present were leaders from China Sinopharm International Corporation, China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation and China Certification & Inspection (Group)Co., Ltd., as well as Huang Shuping, Managing Director of HIGER; Li Zhongyan, Director of the Light Duty Vehicles and other executives of HIGER. This was another important practice of HIGER's involvement in "Belt and Road" construction.

The 20 HIGER mobile clinic buses will be used in the medical aid project of the Chinese government for Cambodia. The project will practically solve the medical difficulty of the people in Cambodian provinces and remote areas, perform the function of "mobile hospitals", and meet the ordinary examination and treatment needs of seven departments including radiology, ultrasonography, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry and otolaryngology. A total of 40 HIGER mobile clinic buses will be delivered to 25 Cambodian provinces and cities, and make a medical tour of remote rural areas inCambodia, to ease the difficulty of locals in seeking medical treatment.

On March 28, the first 20 HIGER mobile clinic buses will set out for Cambodia. HIGER will provide in-transit service support to ensure sound and timely delivery. Afterwards HIGER will maintain these vehicles according to the fixed after-sales service scheme and tour inspection scheme, to ensure their normal operations in Cambodia. For the sake of the longstanding friendship between China and Cambodia, HIGER will spare no efforts to contribute to the health of Cambodian people and the construction of the "Belt and Road".