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35 HIGER buses were delivered to Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Posted:18-07-05 12:00:00

On May 18, local time, the delivery ceremony of 35 HIGER buses was held in the parking lot of Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr.Roha, Minister of Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr.Edwin, Chairman of P Company, Lisa, Managing Director of Distributors as well as relevant leaders were present at the ceremony, and a total of more than 300 people were on the scene, including government officials, enterprise representatives and those from all walks of life.

At the delivery ceremony of new buses, Mr.Roha, Minister of Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago thought highly of HIGER in his address, and hoped that this batch of new buses can relieve the pressure of local public transport system and create superior mobility conditions for local citizens, Mr.Edwin expressed that HIGER played a leading role in quality and after-sale service among brands of bus, which was the main reason why they selected HIGER. R Company of distributors vigorously promoted HIGER brand at the venue, HIGER’s flags flying in all directions of the venue, and its Managing Director Lisa mentioned in her address that they would make joint efforts with HIGER to guarantee technology support, warranty and accessories of vehicles. After the ceremony, participants went on seventeen 12m buses and three 12m coaches which are going to be operated in Trinidad Island one after another for visit and test ride.

Ten 9m minibus and five 10.5m bus were also delivered smoothly in Tobago Island which is known as the tourist paradise on June 6. A number of citizens arrived on the scene to experience, even schools organized students to visit collectively, and all of them sang praises to HIGER new buses.

There are 4 types for the 35 buses exported to Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and many adaptive design improvements have been made to adapt to special geographical environment and using requirements of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Fashionable and gorgeous appearance design as well as spacious and comfortable interior space bring a refreshing feeling. Meanwhile, the bus uses EuroV CNG natural gas engine which can effectively reduce energy consumption, mitigate environmental pollution, protect local environment and lower transport costs.

It was another 35 HIGER buses that P Company purchased after ten years. HIGER won the favor of the customer again by means of strict quality management and control of vehicles and ever-improving after-sale service. In the future, HIGER would also continue to stick on the theory of quality first and strive to drive HIGER buses to every corner of the world.