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Higer Bus Enters the Market of Ireland Again

Posted:18-07-26 12:00:00

Recently, 10 Higer luxurious medium coaches KLQ6962KAR were sent to Shanghai port and completed the product delivery, which is the second delivery in this year after a delivery of 10 buses in April, and another 10 buses will be delivered soon, with a total expected number of 30 buses in this year. This is the second time for Higer Bus to enter the market of Ireland two years after shipping 20 medium coaches in 2015, indicating Higer medium coaches have been recognized by the local market gradually and entered the stage of sustainable sales.

This batch of buses is equipped with Cummins engines, ZF automatic gearboxes and other high-level configurations, to meet the mainstream demand of the local market. At the same time, on the basis of previous product summary,  Higer has made many improvements, such as adding the emergency door configuration, which adds 2 seats in the bus, changing the position of camera over the passage, which provide more convenient passage, adding the switch of gearbox power mode, which combines the power performance and economy in the bus running, and many appearance improvements including fog lamp area painting, adding “higer” logo on both sides of the air conditioner, displaying the gear number on the instrument panel, etc., which make the products more beautiful and easy to use.

Higer Bus will have a new sales boom in the market of Ireland and England with the launch of this batch of Higer luxurious medium coaches.