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Higer Bus Debuts in the Thailand Mini-coach Replacement Promotion Exhibition

Posted:18-08-09 12:00:00

On June 28th, the Thailand Mini-coach Replacement Promotion Exhibition was held in Bangkok. Led by the Ministry of Transport of Thailand, the exhibition was jointly organized by banks, insurance and finance institutions in Thailand. It is announced on the exhibition that financing support would be provided to operators of replacement vehicles.   Higer Bus and the local distributor jointly participated in the exhibition, and the Minister of Ministry of Transport of Thailand visited the Higer booth and gave high praise after learning about the status of Higer buses.

Since October 2017, Thailand has planned to gradually replace the light duty vehicles used for local passenger transportation with mini-coaches. After conducting a thorough market survey, Higer designed the KLQ6759 mini-coach to meet local needs. This type of mini-coach has a simple appearance and is equipped with the G-BOS operating system to monitor the vehicle condition and driving status in real time. Among many bidding brands, 12 Higer KLQ6759 mini-coaches stood out and were successfully selected as the first batch of trial vehicles.

The successful promotion of Higer  buses in Thailand proves that the Higer is highly recognized in the local market and plays a very important role in expanding the brand awareness and reputation in Thailand and the surrounding markets.