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Higer Vans Boost Chinese Government's Donation to Maldives

Posted:18-10-09 12:00:00

As one of the world's most prestigious tourist destinations, Maldives has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Recently, 10 vans from Higer also entered this beautiful land as a symbol of friendship between China and Maldives. As one of items donated by the Chinese government to Maldives, this batch of Higer vans will serve as official vehicles of the Maldives National Defense Force, transporting local military personnel.

These buses are Higer's H5C RHD vans, equipped with 4RB2 gasoline engine, luxury instrument panel, aviatic leatherette seat and so on. Maldives tropical islands feature hot and humid weather. As a response to such specific use environment, Higer has improved engine radiating and air-conditioner cooling of those buses, and enhanced anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities of chassis to ensure they can be used locally.

To ensure a smooth delivery and operation of the vehicles, right from the beginning of the donation project, Higer departments work together to prepare proposals, ranging from model recommendation, vehicle production, quality control to after-service support. As soon as the vehicles arrived at the port, Higer staffs were the first to show up to help users with vehicle reception, and trained them how to use and repair the vehicle to ensure they successfully pick up and confidently use their vehicles.

Higer's participation in this Chinese government's donation project to Maldives is another achievement of the Higer Bus's proactive response to China's “The Belt and Road (B&R)” initiative, and also a strength reflection of Higer as an independent brand. While contributing to the building of national green public transportation systems along "B&R", Higer Bus not only earned its goodwill, but also enhanced the influence of “intelligent manufacturing in China”.