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The First Bus of Higer KD Factory in Algeria Successfully Rolled the Assembly Line

Posted:18-11-19 12:00:00

On October 24, the first bus KLQ6108GA of Higer KD Factory in Algeria successfully came off the assembly line, which opened a new chapter for China Bus KD’s export to African countries. 

Higer has been cooperating with Algerian M Group since 2010 and started the construction of KD factory in SETIF province in 2018. After three years of blockade on automobile imports, Higer became the only Chinese bus manufacturer in Algeria with the qualification for KD import and production. In order to occupy the market quickly, Higer launched the KD import plan in the first place and received the first batch of KD orders in early 2018.

The KD project in Algeria is the most complicated and bulky KD export project of Higer by far, which includes two states of SKD and CKD, and three models of KLQ6198GA, KLQ 6119 QA and KLQ 6540. KD factory plans to produce 1500 units a year.  Higer attached great importance to the project and gave full support to it. In the early stage of plant construction, Higer appointed overseas sales company's business personnel to follow up the construction progress and arrange production guidance personnel to start production at the first time. For all the difficulties such as backward industrial level, poor social and economic environment and low quality of labor in African countries, Higer’s Algerian KD team gave full play to the excellent style of Chinese bus manufactures. Relying on temporary gas supply, homemade tooling and a team of ten, with arduous and overtime work, the first KLQ 6108 GA prototype was successfully inspected and came off the assembly line.

Behind the delight of the launching ceremony lies the craftsmanship spirit of Chinese bus manufacturers, the blood and sweat of Higer’s Algerian KD team, and Higer's boldness in pursuing excellence and striving to be the first. HIGER takes you higher. Higer will contribute its share to the friendship between China and Africa and the development of African automobile industry and show the elegant demeanor of Chinese enterprises on the world stage.