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2018 Annual Overseas Sales Meeting is Convened in Higer Bus

Posted:19-02-25 12:00:00

The east wind comes back with the spring to make the flowers bloom. The 2018 annual overseas sales meeting was held in the company on February 21. Chen Dulian (Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman), Huang Shuping (Managing Director), Zhang Zhihao, Xu Jianzhong & Qiu Yuanhong (Deputy General Managers), Li Ping (Chief Financial Officer), Xie Jianghong (Director of Customer Service), Zhang Lijian (Chief Human Resource Officer), Li Chun (Chief Engineer), Jiang Haifeng (General Manager of Overseas Sales Company ) and other leaders attended the meeting. The heads of each division of the oversea sales system in various regions and functional departments summarized the work in 2018, and arranged the work plan for 2019.

With the unity and practical work of the overseas sales system in 2018, the international competitiveness of Higer brand has been improved, and the export of 3,674 vehicles has been achieved with the sales volume of RMB 1.408 billion. By the end of 2018, Higer Bus has exported vehicles to over 120 countries and regions, with an inventory of 50,000 vehicles in the overseas market.


Jiang Haifeng, General Manager of Overseas Sales Company reviewed the key work results of 2018 overseas sales, and pointed out the highlights and shortcomings. In 2018, the annual objective of overseas sales has been achieved, KD project boomed, and breakthroughs have been made in projects such as Syria, Cambodia and South Korea; in the meanwhile, there were also the problems such as unsatisfactory sales of new energy products, slow development of high-end market. At the meeting, Mr. Jiang also proposed the 3S strategy: Stabilize (stabilize the market), Sustain (sustainable development), Stretch (market expansion with all efforts), hoping that various departments guard against arrogance and impetuosity while making achievements and make persistent efforts to achieve more good results in 2019.


Xie Jianghong, Director of Customer Service, pointed out that in 2018, the service planning for the overseas market has been in place, the intentions have been timely followed up, service data has been prepared in advance, and spot check of new vehicles in the factory and pre delivery inspection (PDI) at the arrival of new vehicles have been carried out; however, in terms of parts sales, the employees were less active in initiative marketing, lacked the timeliness of parts, and the parts network was not stable. In 2019, the oversea services should focus on ensuring the completion of parts task, improving service planning, improving service quality, and providing service guarantee for overseas sales.


Xu Jianzhong, Deputy General Manager, proposed at the meeting that in 2019, overseas sales need to be improved in four aspects: increase of market shares, improvement of order quality, enhancement of risk control capability, and promotion of brand image. Attention should be focused on the market shares and brand promotion of key markets for overseas sales work to establish bases; the development of overseas new energy products and markets should be accelerated; market survey and product planning should be organized to gradually realize the transformation of overseas product development order-driven to market-driven; the quality improvement of high-end market products should be coordinated; the capability improvement of KD project should be coordinated; the risk control capability should be improved from a global perspective.


Huang Shuping, Managing Director, pointed out in his speech that the overseas team is the youngest one of the company. Overseas sales have contributed a lot in the growth of company business against the trend in 2018. In particular, the account receivables were managed and controlled effectively, the awareness of risk control has been greatly improved; the new overstock has been strictly controlled, and the inventory has been processed in time; the service guarantee has been effective, greatly safeguarding the expansion of overseas market, especially the new energy vehicle export market.


Mr. Huang also emphasized that there were also shortcomings in overseas sales. First, although the business was increased to some extent, it was still lagging far behind its competitors. Markets of many countries were still not entered, with a low coverage. Second, the improvement in overdue stock was slow, and the relevant person in charge should make great efforts in advancement in 2019. Third, the gross profit margin was not satisfactory.


Looking forward to 2019, Mr. Huang required the overseas sales to work in five aspects. First, an aggressive team should be built, and the existing personnel should be made full use of. It is guaranteed that the recruitment is successful, the personnel are assigned with right job, and they can be retained with satisfactory conditions. Second, the channels should be optimized. The problematic overseas market channels should be given up resolutely and changed in time. Third, product planning and targeted development should be done to improve the sales proportion of mainly sold products. Fourth, summary and reflection should be made on the explosive growth of KD project to improve the efficiency and lower the costs. In addition, it is necessary to conduct win-win cooperation with partners. Fifth, the preliminary results have been achieved in service capability building and localized employee building, which should be made a good use of. Mr. Huang said that in the future, the company will focus on improvements of business in overseas market, increase overseas investment and go out unwaveringly.


On behalf of the Party Committee of the company and the Board of Directors, Chen Dulian, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee, extended gratitude to the officers and employees of overseas sales system for their contributions to the development of the company. He had confidence in the young team of overseas sales and hoped that everybody can accomplish two persistence. First, the persistence in strategy strength. Efforts should be concentrated to fight a war of annihilation, and the main strategic attack direction should be developed, and then they should be overcome one by one. Second, the persistence in the “walking on two legs”. The “expanding of the market” and the “retaining of customers” should be combined so that the market can be expanded and the customers can be retained. Mr. Chen called on everyone to embrace responsibility with passion guided by the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in a new era led by President Xi Jinping and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, put the various requirements of the company into effect with the realistic and practical style of work, give the exemplary and vanguard role of the Party members of overseas sales and service system into full play, further improve the overseas market shares, consolidate the position in the industry and accomplish the goal.


The 2018 outstanding overseas sales teams, top ten teams, excellent technicians were also commended at the meeting.