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HIGER City Buses in Batches Sent to Israel

Posted:19-03-18 12:00:00

Recently, 67 HIGER city buses were shipped from Lianyungang to the ELAIT port in Israel, and would serve the local people's public transportation. This batch of city buses is another masterpiece of HIGER in the Israeli market following the ultra-capacitor city bus.

This batch of city buses is a HIGER classic 5th generation bus . Fashionable and stylish, it is equipped with the configuration in line with Europe and America mainstream. It is well-made, fully considering its maintenance convenience. For example, the front and rear gas charging interface, convenient to manually inflate when the vehicle air pressure is insufficient; NATO standard charging connector, charging when the battery is lack of electricity; LEHAVOT engine compartment automatic fire extinguishing system, automatically extinguishing the fire when the temperature of the engine compartment is over high; and the city bus is also equipped with ISR vehicle management system.

Since September 2016, 5 HIGER ultra -capacitor city buses have been put into use in Tel Aviv, Israel, achieving quick charging and quick discharging, with long service life, high safety, energy saving and environmental protection, and highly recognized by the local government and people, thus contributing to the following continuous procurement. In 2017, the customers continued to purchase 21 HIGER ultra-capacitor city buses. In 2018, with the trust in HIGER brand and recognition of quality, Israeli customers placed an order for 120 HIGER  energy buses to serve local public transportation. In the future, HIGER will continue to develop and innovate, provide excellent products and services .