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Higer Bus Showcases Strength of Chinese Bus Brand in Russia

Posted:19-07-01 12:00:00

Russia has long been the major market of Higer Bus. In early 2019, Higer Bus received orders for 205 coaches from Russian clients. By the end of June, over 140 coaches had been shipped. These vehicles will reach Russia to serve passenger transport or tourism market in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Siberia, etc., thus bringing premium and customized travel solutions to Russian people.

The KLQ6128LQ model in the order is newly launched by Higer to cater to the demands and operating conditions in Russia. The model is equipped with robust large-horse-power engine. With 55 seats, the model improves passenger capacity and operating economy to the largest extent. It has reliable chassis performance, attractive and original appearance, thus receiving great attention from the market as soon as it is launched into the market.

As the famous Chinese bus brand, Higer Bus entered Russia market in 2005. Till today, over 5,000 units have been sold in Russia, serving urban public transport, tour transport and vehicle leasing, etc. After working in Russia for more than ten years, Higer Bus has become the No. 1 brand of Chinese buses in Russia. Nowadays, Higer Bus has 38 service stations in Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov and Sochi in Russia. These service stations ensure timely and efficient service, thus gaining great recognition from clients.

As high-end manufacturing rises in China, the Chinese bus brands represented by Higer Bus will show the strength of Chinese brands on the larger world stage.