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HIGER Bus Made Presence in Busworld Brussels 2019

Posted:19-10-18 12:00:00

On October 18th-23rd, Busworld Brussels 2019 was held in Brussels Expo. The event, a professional bus expo organized by BAAV, has a history of 46 years. At present, it is the world’s largest and oldest bus expo. With new hosting city and exhibition hall, the event is attracting greater attention this year.

As one of the most excellent representatives of China-made buses, HIGER has always given emphasis on overseas market. At Busworld Brussels 2019, HIGER will exhibit four star models, including the 8.5m pure electric bus and 12m pure electric bus, which have been released at Higer press conference, presenting the hardcore strength of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

This is the second time for HIGER to exhibit in Busworld. The 828m2 Suzhou-styled booth, the unique press conference, and the exquisitely-made buses demonstrate the determination and hardcore strength of HIGER to explore the overseas market. At the press conference at 15:30 pm local time on October 17th, HIGER unveils two electric buses. Higer Bus Chairman Chen Dulian makes a speech, and then Higer Overseas Sales Company GM Jiang Haifeng makes presentations about all-series electric products of HIGER. In nearly six years, HIGER has completed all-series products after sufficient surveys and certifications. HIGER is ready to meet the demands of future world for energy conservation and environmental improvement.

HIGER exhibits four star models. Among them, E8 is a pure electric bus specially developed for the feeder line or satellite city connection. The driving range can reach 220km. The bus is novel in shape, which adopts front independent suspension to improve the passing ability and comfort; with incredible 5.8m wheelbase, the low floor area accounts for 80% of the passenger area, thus greatly improving the passenger space and quantity; the independent driving area and independent instrument according to VDV make the driving experience extremely comfortable; LED lamps on the entire vehicle body truly realizes low energy consumption and long life.

E12 is a new 12m pure electric bus equipped with Siemens motor and CATL battery. The driving range can reach 300km. Three-door low floor design greatly enlarges passenger space and convenience; with new trimmings, high-top shape and aluminum material, the interior space adopts the all-through design, easy to clean; the independent instrument panel and driver’s area; water-cooled battery is suitable for various climate environments, with special air conditioning and cooling function to ensure the consistent battery temperature, thus improving battery life cycle by 30%; comparing to the previous generation ,this bus cut the weight by 500 kilograms, improving the efficiency by 3%.

H9 multi-purpose medium bus uses outstanding European powertrain that is easy to maintain; the monocoque structure not only improves the passive safety of the vehicle, but also reduces the weight and effectively lowers down the fuel consumption; equipped with smart headlights, stylish trimming lights and luxurious seats, providing passengers with luxurious feeling; the European aesthetic appearance design meets the needs of various European customers. In order to improve active safety, the vehicle is also equipped with AEBS, EBS and ACC.

IC12 is a 12.3m intercity bus. The European appearance decorated with silver streamers makes the vehicle look minimalist and dynamic. The maximum passenger capacity reaches 67. Either LHD or RHD is available. The front passenger door is standard, and the second passenger door or emergency door as an option. Monocoque bus body structure is applied, European and American mainstream chassis assembly features high reliability and convenient maintenance; the vehicle is equipped with integrated air-conditioning control system and insulating glass to fully guarantee the ride comfort; the full LED headlights provide high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption. Equipped with ABS, EBS, ESC and other safety systems, the vehicle meets ECE regulations.

HIGER always attaches importance to the overseas markets. 50,000 units bus &coach have been delivered to more than 120 countries and regions around the world since 2004 when the first export was made. Higer now has 115 overseas service stations and overseas marketing team with more than 200 members, who can respond quickly to customer needs around the world.

HIGER has always focused on European market, a major market of high-end buses. At present, most city buses in Europe, featured by long driving range and high fuel consumption, are powered by diesel engines, which becomes one of the major sources of air pollution in cities. Promoting energy-saving and new energy buses has become one of the most effective ways to save energy and improve air quality in large and medium-sized cities. Pure electric buses with zero-emission have also become one of the important choices to improve air quality in the European market.

In 2016, HIGER Ultra-capacitor Bus was exported to Serbia. It is the first time that China exported Ultra-capacitor buses to countries along the Belt and Road, setting a precedent for the commercial operation of the Ultra-capacitor bus in Europe and even the world. Since then, HIGER Ultra-capacitor bus has entered the countries along the Belt and Road, such as, Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, etc., taking initial shape in the central and eastern Europe market. HIGER is expanding its market in countries along the Belt and Road.

In April 2019, the signing ceremony was held in Belgrade of Serbia to export 174 HIGER buses to Serbia. The total contract value exceeded 300 million RMB, making it the largest order for Chinese buses to export to Serbia. It is also the largest order of single contract to export Chinese buses to the European market.

In addition to CBU export, HIGER takes a leading position in the industry in KD export. At present, most Chinese brand bus export is still dominated by CBU export, and the KD export of most Chinese bus brand is less than 10%. In 2018, more than 1,000 buses were exported to Algeria in KD form and nearly 500 buses were exported to Russia in KD form, with KD exports taking 29% in overseas export of HIGER. HIGER has KD factories in Venezuela, Russia, Algeria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

In the future, HIGER will continue to expand in the new energy bus market and the traditional bus market, and strive for sustained growth. HIGER is ready to meet challenges and seize opportunities for a higher level.