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Luxury Coach Bellwether Scania-HIGER Moves Forward

Posted:13-01-17 12:00:00

In spite of the economic downturn in 2012, the performance of Scania-HIGER coaches has been remarkable.

Mr. Zheng Chunhui, Director of Scania-HIGER Luxury Coach Department, claimed that over 360 Scania-HIGER luxury coaches with a value of CNY 0.4 billion were exported in 2012, accounting for 90% of the total.
At the same time, sales markets are also expanding. Currently, Scania-HIGER coaches are being sold to Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, with increasing market shares.

In 2013, the market penetration focus will be placed on Norway and South Africa. Mr. Zheng stated that Scania-HIGER sample bus is being tested in these two countries, and he is confident that buses will be exported to both countries.