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HIGER New-energy Buses Make Contribution to Environmental Protection

Posted:13-02-21 12:00:00

Enduring smog is warning us of the severity of air pollution, and the need of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles seems to be forcing the transport industry to find solutions.

As China's leading new-energy bus manufacturer, HIGER takes its share of social responsibility for environmental protection.

How to produce environmentally friendly buses? HIGER starts from raw material procurement, especially engine, interior trimming materials, body materials, etc., which must be environmentally friendly. HIGER has invested CNY 27.1 million for environmental protection devices in recent years.

Currently, HIGER has developed three types of new-energy buses including hybrid, pure-electric and hydrogen fuel. Comprehensive fuel consumption cost of HIGER LNG buses is 30% less than that of diesel buses. There were over four thousand HIGER LNG buses used nationwide last year. Besides, HIGER developed G-BOS intelligent operation system and in 2012 over 1500 enterprises used G-BOS system terminals in 30,000 buses.

This year, HIGER is trying to launch 30 new models and upgrade the entire series of medium buses. In the meanwhile, HIGER is expanding to new markets, especially in South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.