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HIGER Making Its Way to CNY10 Billion Enterprise

Posted:13-03-04 12:00:00

With a cost of CNY 0.14 billion, HIGER light duty vehicle manufacturing base in Suzhou was put into production last September. Over 6000 units have been produced by late 2012. Additionally, one production line for high-end luxury buses has been used. By 2015, HIGER will reach CNY 10 billion annual sales, covering R&D and manufacturing of large-and-medium buses, light duty vehicles and auto spare parts.


In 2012, HIGER sold 339 light duty vehicles in over ten countries and high-end regions and the target for this year will be 1000 units. The infrastructure is under construction and the annual output of luxury buses is expected to be 10,000 units.
As one of China's pioneering new-energy vehicle manufacturers, HIGER produced the first pure-electric bus and oil-electricity hybrid bus. Last year, HIGER made a breakthrough in production and sales of NG buses, increasing by 93% year on year.