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500 HIGER School Buses Exported to Qatar in August

Posted:15-08-19 12:00:00

On August 6th and 9th, 500 units of school buses were exported to Qatar in two shipments, adding up to the total number of 819 units of school buses, city buses and coaches exported to that Arabian Gulf state since the beginning of 2015. The Qatar market has proved to be very successful especially for HIGER school buses, which have been praised by the Qatar Supreme Education Committee for their high degree of safety and comfort.

HIGER school buses are specially designed with children’s safety in mind. Their structure provides stronger resistance against impacts, overturning and rolling, while the driving compartment adopts a 360 degree vision design to avoid any blind spots. In order to enhance safety, every bus comes with automatic fire extinguisher in the engine compartment and smoke alarm detectors on both engine and battery compartments, whereas monitoring system controls the tyre pressure values. Additionally, there is a specially designed seat for the students’ monitor for better supervision of the children. With telematics system and many other advanced electronic devices, HIGER school buses are able to protect kids and guarantee a safe ride to school.