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HIGER Enters Wi-fi Era

Posted:14-05-16 12:00:00

The HIGER Cloud Strategy Press Conference was held on May 14 at the National Convention Center in Beijing with major media coverage.

The HIGER Cloud System, which provides free cloud system equipment, installation and maintenance, as well as free Wi-fi, was launched in cooperation with Zhongjiao Huineng,.

HIGER Cloud Strategy press conference

Unlike any other press conference previously held by any bus makers, HIGER Cloud Strategy press conference attracted a number of well known Internet companies, such as Alibaba, UC Browser, Wasu Media, China Best Tone, and CMGE (China Mobile Games & Entertainment Group). Leaders from both bus industry and Internet industry were brainstorming on the bright future for the new generation of buses in the Wi-fi era.

In an attempt to gain advantages for entering the mobile internet market, Internet companies are joining hands with bus manufacturers to usher in the 4G era for the bus passenger transportation market by integrating bus and internet technology and sharing the unlimited business opportunities of on-line and off-line data flow and exchange. 
Cloud technology or cloud computing as it is more commonly known today is a computing platform widely used by Information Technology. HIGER Bus is now actively promoting the Intelligence Bus concept. HIGER Cloud Strategy includes three essential factors: the first one is HIGER Cloud Bus as the core carrier; the second is 4G platform as the cloud system; the third one is cloud management focusing on bus operation.

Cloud product-HIGER E series medium bus
While executing its Cloud Strategy, HIGER aims at further upgrading bus manufacturing technology and passenger transportation services. Such a bold move made by the bus maker is certainly going to offer more conveniences for passengers in the future. 

According to sources, over 150 guests were present at the conference. Zhang Hao, Deputy Dean of Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Transport, Hu Xuanru, Secretary of China Highway and Transportation Society Bus Branch, Luo Danfeng, General Manager of Fujian Motor Industry Group, Yan Lin, General Manager of Beijing Zhongjiao Huineng Company, and Wu Wenwen, president of HIGER Bus were invited to attend the conference. Also present at the conferene are Internet corporate representatives from Alibaba, Tencent, China Best Tone, Wasu Media, UC Browser, and CMGE as well as bus customer representatives, and other guests from the media.