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HIGER Roadshow Held in Italy Dreamscape Wins 2015 Overseas Buses and Coaches Recommendation

Posted:14-12-23 12:00:00

From December 19 to 21, HIGER's potential distributor for Italy and Bosnia’s distributor jointly held the HIGER Roadshow in the Northern Italian city of Brescia to promote the EU certified HIGER KLQ6125A and  KLQ6920Q models.

Local transport operators including tourist transport representatives were invited to attend the meeting and expressed their interest in the products after watching the promotional video and bus models. Thanks to the roadshow, HIGER expanded its reputation set the foundation to enter the Italian market.

With nearly 500 million people and uniform certification regulations, Europe is a prospective market for high-end buses in public transport, passenger transport and tourism industry, which is a golden opportunity as well as an exciting challenge for HIGER.