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Posted:17-09-27 12:00:00

The Company sent me to Italy to provide after-sale service on July 2nd. I was hit by waves of heat as soon as I got off the train at Brescia railway station. I can barely see people on the street, perhaps due to this hot weather or it was weekend.

After check-in at the hotel, I was "ready to go" soon. It was a busy stay here and I was always racing against time.

Higer is committed to putting itself in customers' shoes. Once a customer reported that the drive recorder and odometer in model 16LJ70001 were not working well and the cause of such problems was confirmed by a local garage as the failure of odometer sensor. Besides, the vehicle must be used the next day; so Manuel, our local after-sale engineer, and I immediately came to the customer’s aid after driving over 400 kms. We replaced the sensor, checked the circuit and overwrote the odometer program. It was already 2 am when all was done. We were tired, but thinking about the customer can use the vehicle next day, we felt relieved!

Some vehicles were parked at the port parking lot over 300 kms away. Detected problems had to be solved at the spot right away. We got no workshop or rest time, only scorching sun and two busy people running back and forth. I had to say that Manuel is a hard-working and optimistic Cuban. It was his support that made my perfect after-service in Italy and gained wide trust among customers.

With Higer’s growth, more Higer buses will be marketed in developed countries in Europe and North America, leaving a chance for the world and Higer to know each another better.