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Saudi Arabia

Posted:17-05-17 12:00:00

On 21th March, I left for Shanghai Pudong International Airport together with Mr Yang and Mr Shi, transit in DOHA and came to terminal station JEDDAH, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the evening on 22th March. Thus began a training tour for a period of two weeks in Saudi Arabia. This training centered in HIGER bus electric system, and mainly included “HIGER bus electric circuit”, “How to read and use harness diagram”, “CAN bus”, “Cummins engine diagnostic system”. And we also arranged “Air Conditioning System” course according to the local climate at the same time.

On 26th March, I prepared the first training for 4 technicians, who can speak English including 2 Philippines and 2 Indian, working for SULTANI service station. In addition, we specially coordinated a training bus KLQ6123K according to the main vehicle model and configuration in Saudi Arabia market, and adopted “theory + practice” to deepen mastery of the courses. The main courses contain “HIGER bus electric circuit”, “Starting System”, “Emergency Start”, “How to read and use harness diagram”, “Air Conditioning System” and “Cummins engine diagnostic system”.

After the training to SULTANI service station, we prepared for the customers. In consideration of the limitation of training time, we communicated and agreed with Abdul, the service manager, finally decided that invited QAID, Qawafil, Samama, Makkah, JTC, MAZAYA, Carthage, shagadif, etc. companies to come to service station for training. We spent two days to run hundreds of kilometers. Fortunately, this plan got much support by these companies, and there are 27 technicians attending this training, which not only shorten the total training time, but also enlarge the training scale to make more customers join our training.

With the time goes by, the training is almost over in Saudi Arabia. I’m very appreciated the concern and support provided by my leaders and colleagues at home. And also appreciated the help provided by Liu gang and Yang yixiang during the process of training. I believe that the training in Saudi Arabia will do help to my following work, and I have faith in the next training for Oman and UAE at the same time.

More responsible, more professional! Let customers feel our change and attention, provide the high quality service and professional technical support. Let customers feel the guarantee of HIGER BUS. Let us no longer far away!