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Posted:19-06-01 12:00:00

Recent years has seen prosperous overseas development. Thanks to the hard work of our overseas colleagues, new breakthroughs are being made in overseas KD business while stable growth rate is maintained in Algeria, Russia, Qatar and other traditional overseas markets. The company is making greater progress in downsizing the inventory and expanding the market.

On April 22 to 26, Malaysia CKD partner sent production line representatives to the company for learning so as to upgrade quality of Higer van. Mr. Tajul and Amine, the supervisors of Malaysia CKD production line, will receive one-week production line assembly skill training in China.

Before the training was started, colleagues in the Department of Overseas Customer Service, according to the situation of local production line in Malaysia, made a training program featured by lecturing + practice. Based on the more concise language, more accurate translation and more regulated operations, we gave detailed explanation to each key working position. At the same time, we invited experienced workers on the production line to provide one-to-one guidance to them. The two trainees felt greatly excited. Even more, after solving the practical problems, the trainees also showed keen interest in the arrangement of accessories and specially-made work bench. They took some photos and hoped to use them in their production line so as to upgrade the product quality.

After receiving five-day training, the two trainees solved their problems in the assembly. They also gave great praise to the training approach. Mr. Tajul is quoted, “Seeing the production lines and workers in Higer Bus, we feel Malaysia KD project still has a lot to improve”. It is believed that the quality of Higer van they produced will be improved after learning from Higer.