Safeguarding Winter Olympics, Higer Five-Star Service Cheers for Chinese Olympians!

         On February 2, the first round of Curling Mixed Doubles Round Robin for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was launched in Beijing National Aquatics Center (Ice Cube). Through the extra end, the Chinese mixed doubles defeated the Swiss counterparts by 7-6, making a good beginning for Chinese delegation and meanwhile officially unveiling the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

“This is a really glorious moment. We are really proud of the China’s hosting of both Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics and feel honored to the straight wins of Chinese Winter Olympians. We are also making the greatest efforts for fulfilling all Winter Olympics guarantee services.” Higer Winter Olympics service team in the Winter Olympics closed-loop management area is also keeping close attention to the progress of Winter Olympics in the intervals of guarantee services. They are really inspired. 

Till now, Higer Winter Olympics service team has adhered to the service frontline for more than 50 days to completely cooperate with the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee with 24-hour all-weather quick response, ensure the absolutely safe traffic management of Winter Olympics.

Undertaking the responsibilities and standing by Winter Olympics in next 100 days

On January 22, the service team members already in the Winter Olympics closed-loop management area served in the frontline against the whirling snow in Beijing.

On January 25, on the Preliminary Eve, they started the works and carefully check the service vehicles after a simple meal.

On January 31, at the moment when the whole country got together for reunion, they made simple video greeting with family members and spent the Chinese New Year’s Eve in the intense and orderly work. 

Undertaking the sonorous and powerful slogans “We are duty-bound to serve Winter Olympics” and “Dear Motherland, please stay assured as we are serving the Winter Olympics”, Higer Winter Olympics service team implements with actions and forges ahead. No matter the nighttime with -10~-20°C temperature or the increased vehicle spot checking difficulty against the whirling snow, they always guaranteed the frontline traffic services with “Adherence". The Chinese New Year means family reunion. However, for them, safeguarding the Winter Olympics is the top priority for this Chinese New Year holiday. 

“This time, nearly 500 Higer buses are serving in the frontline, mainly the battery electric new energy buses, and they are the main traffic service guarantee force in the Beijing close-loop competition area. Higer Winter Olympics service vehicles and team have already been in position since the middle of December, 2021. Afterwards, the first batch of service vehicles and service engineers entered the closed-loop management area on January 6. On January 22, all service vehicles and service personnel entered the Winter Olympics closed-loop management area.” Sun Haifeng, the Service Manager of Higer North China Region, said, “Though the Winter Olympics requires long service duration and is also during the Spring Festival so that our service team can’t reunite with family members, we have no complaint or regret. In the next days, we will stand by Winter Olympics and spare no pains to serve Winter Olympics with five-star standard.” 

         Orderly cooperation between inside and outside of closed-loop management area against challenge of COVID-19 pandemic

         During the Winter Olympics, Beijing Winter Olympic Village will host nearly 1,700 athletes and accompanied officials from 44 countries and regions and the stadiums will daily host nearly 5,000~6,000 registered text and photographic reporters and authorized broadcasters as well as 19,000 Winter Olympics volunteers.

With so many people to be served in the background of COVID-19 pandemic, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics adopts the closed-loop management for the first time and sets up a virtual “Large ring” composed of several “Small ring” entities, including Olympic Village, training and competition stadiums, media interview venues, and hotels. How to realize quick transfer among the “Small rings” under the closed-loop management? The safe and efficient traffic escort becomes one key link, which extends higher challenge to the services.

“Within the closed-loop management area, we basically work just between hotel and parking lot. Except the body temperature measurement in the morning and night each day, the daily nucleic acid testing, and the simple dining and resting, we spend most time in the parking lot waiting for the services.” Since the entry into closed-loop management area on January 6, Jin Wang, Sun Jingwei, and other Higer Winter Olympics service personnel have always been busy.

The spot checking is the daily mandatory work for them. To prevent the vehicle rescue from influencing the competition progress, the daily spot checking is required for all Winter Olympic service vehicles from the preventative perspective. From the major component such as power battery status to the minor component such as every nut on the chassis, the spot checking is intended to guarantee zero failure of Winter Olympic service vehicles from the root cause of vehicles.

Sun Haifeng said that the services for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics were mostly characterized by firstly the long period, secondly the challenge of complicated weathers in winter, and thirdly the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic. The closed-loop management taken under the stringent COVID-19 pandemic control also influenced the service strength to a certain degree. A great deal of works has been completed before the entry into closed-loop management area, including the multiple checking and inspection works of vehicles (Such as primary inspection and secondary inspection). After the entry into the closed-loop management area, because the personnel could only wait in the parking lots of hotels, it meant that the service team had to complete all service works in advance and properly fulfilled the daily vehicle checking. For this purpose, Higer formulated a complete and mature service procedures, including field service vehicle checking, online remote checking, and parts allocation and management, to realize the orderly cooperation and quick response between the inside and outside of the closed-loop management area.

          24-hour all-weather safeguard against difficulties

The nighttime is the optimal resting time for the people, but is exactly the start of fighting time for them. Higer Winter Olympics service team sketched the most beautiful image for this Winter Olympics service with the busy figures at nighttime. 

Jin Wang and other Higer service engineers said that the 24-hour ready-for-service was the service principle. “After the entry into the closed-loop management area on January 6, the vehicles were put into 24-hour busy commuting among the hotels, stadiums, and charging stations and the drivers worked 24-hour by work shift and trip and could return to the hotels after charging the vehicles late at night. In accordance with the service guarantee requirements, we are prohibited to come into touch with the drivers. After the drivers return to the hotels, we take advantage of the nighttime to fulfill the vehicle checking.” 

Within the stadiums, the splendid Winter Olympics games are held in succession. Outside of the stadiums, the Higer buses are already ready for service. We are deeply impressed by the fighting figures of the service personnel behind who safeguard the Winter Olympics. With the hosting of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the service of Higer new energy vehicles in batch for Winter Olympics, the numerous records created by Higer definitely predict the extraordinary performance of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Higer will look ahead to the future together with you. Let’s jointly look forward to the splendid performance of Winter Olympians.