Service Enthusiasm in South Korea under the Epidemic

In the first half of 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) has wreaked havoc around the world, causing great loss of life and property to the people of the world. South Korea, the key pure-electric buses market of Higer, has also suffered from the pandemic, with a cumulative number of confirmed cases of more than 10,000 in total. Business shutdown, social distance and city blockade have seriously affected the country, and also brought a major challenge to our after-sales service.

The epidemic has stretched the distance between people, but Higer's service has always been closely focused on the customers. The customer service staffs of Higer still maintain high enthusiasm for service under the severe situation of the epidemic, and explore a new service pattern.

In the context of the ban on entry of foreigners and the large-scale suspension of international flights, the Overseas Customer Service Department has introduced a new program of remote maintenance. Through the way of video connection, the customer service staffs guide the customers "hand by hand" on how to carry out maintenance, which not only complete the vehicle maintenance safely but also exercises customers' own maintenance ability, and it can be described as achieving two things at one stroke.

In order to serve Higer's VIP customers, Jin Renxiu, an employee of the Overseas Customer Service Department, still braved the potential risk of being infected with the virus and held fast to the scene. Since January 2020, he has been serving in South Korea for more than 4 months. When the epidemic was at its worst, Engineer Jin Renxiu didn’t get cold feet, he said, "All the after-sales staffs of other Chinese automobile enterprises in South Korea have returned to China, but the customers and my company need me, so I am here to keep the final dignity of domestic passenger buses!". In order to reduce the risk of infection with the virus, Engineer Jin communicated with the customers and reached a consensus on peak shift maintenance, and minor faults will be left for maintenance after off duty in the night. Engineer Jin went to the bus company at 2 or 3 a.m. for many times and completed the vehicle maintenance without the help of the bus company's repairmen. This has minimized the impact of the epidemic on the maintenance timeliness and greatly improved the safety of outbound services.

At present, there is still a high risk of infection in South Korea, with the daily increase number of confirmed cases back to a double-digit level. Higer keeps the customers in our hearts and has prepared a sufficient number of masks to send to South Korea. At the same time, Higer has also arranged several service engineers to prepare visa information, and they will go to South Korea for service as soon as the ban is lifted. We believe that under the careful arrangement of Higer Bus, we can achieve the vision that the distance between our customers and us is no longer far.