Strong Commitment to R&D

As our customer, what is best for you is also the best for us. That’s why our goal is to provide you with safe and reliable buses and coaches with comfort and added value. For this purpose, HIGER has been actively researching and developing as well as importing cutting-edge technologies in order to enhance product development mechanisms and establish an advanced customer-oriented R&D process.

Because quality is not negotiable, HIGER has strictly implemented the quality standards of the national CCC certification, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001. HIGER has established strict regulations on the screening, assessment and verification of suppliers, with all the spare parts coming from reliable advanced enterprises, both domestic and international.

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At the Forefront of New Technologies

  • Fiber Laser Cutting

    HIGER applies the most advanced fiber laser cutting machines with high precision, efficiency and positional accuracy within +/-0.03
  • Robot Welding

    Robotic welding equipment ensures a higher welding precision and enhanced quality and productivity.
  • Cathode Electro-Coating

    HIGER invested 200 million RMB to develop a cathode electro-coating line which enhances the electro-coating quality and thus fully extends the service life and improves the vehicle resistance to corrosion and dust. The line was put into operation in May 2011, bringing HIGER’s annual production capacity up to 35,000 units. HIGER cathode electro-coating line features the most cutting-edge technologies and complete procedures in the industry. The whole process includes 5 major steps: pre- cleaning, pretreatment, electro-coating, drying and cooling, and 16 strict procedures.

  • G-BOS Intelligent Operation System

    HIGER G-BOS platform (G represents 3G: GPS, GIS, GPRS and BOS stands for "bus operation system") integrates the functions of GPS, driving recorder, fuel consumption recorder, maintenance management, remote breakdown analysis and stitches matching. G-BOS provides bus operators with an innovative bus monitoring operation management system which integrates advanced features and tools for massive data collection, 3G wireless internet and remote intelligence control.

Customer-Oriented Product Development

In terms of product development, HIGER takes a dual development route that combines self-development and international cooperation. HIGER created a R&D platform in cooperation with Scania, the Swedish automotive industry manufacturer also known as “The King of the Road”. HIGER is one of Scania’s only two global strategic partners. Currently, HIGER Product Development Technology Center has 150 R&D staffs, 20% of them with master's degree or above.

HIGER applies two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic finite element analysis, product data management and other computer-aided design techniques to meet your special requirements as a customer. The resulting technical improvements can be computerized and shared online through our network with the production base and supply, sales and other departments concerned, which facilitates a quick response and the realization of your demands.