“The Belt and Road” Initiative Takes Effect Again! First Batch of 120 Higer Buses are Delivered to Pakistan

Recently, the first batch of 120 12m Higer buses were delivered to Pakistan’s first largest city, Karachi. As one of “Made in China” representatives, the buses will guarantee Pakistan’s daily transportation, providing the locals with comfortable and perfect public transportation experience.

As a trusted partner of the Pakistani people, Higer Bushas become one of the most reliable bus brand in Pakistan. With the delivery ofthe first batch of Higer buses, 130 buses will be further delivered to Sindh.On the first day of the delivering, the honorable Minister of Transport & Mass Transit Sindh and the honorable Minister of Labour & Human Resources Sindh arrived at the scene for test ride of the Higer buses and delivered aspeech. They both agreed that the first batch of Higer buses have taken a solid step to improve the public transportation system in Karachi.

The 12m bus model delivered this time is Higer KLQ6129GHEV, its stylish streamlined design and special middle four-door design meet the requirements of Pakistan’s BRT lane, and the inner space of the bus is as spacious and comfortable as possible. Moreover, as Higer’s important product exported to Pakistan’s largest city, the first batch of Higer buses meet the regulatory requirements of local government, and also have made a series of adaptive improvements according to habits and aesthetics of the locals. The first batch of Higer buses will provide services to six major cities in Sindh, Pakistan, including Karachi. The powertrain of the buses, with a gasoline-electric hybrid design, can ensure normal operation and promote sustainable development of urban transportation.They are equipped with four spacious doors, and separate male and female passenger areas according to local requirements; its advanced hybrid engine is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient; its CAN bus and instruments make it more intelligent and more convenient for maintenance, which can achieve various functions, such as function integration, space saving, reduction offault maintenance points, and convenient installation.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the buses, Higer quickly set up a special team for the Pakistan bus project after the official signing of the contract to communicate with customers about product, after-sales service and other relevant details, and employed an international authoritative vehicle inspection agency for the vehicle inspection after the successful trial production of the prototype vehicle to ensure the product quality.

In recent years, following “the Belt and Road”initiative, Higer Bus has exported its new energy and clean energy products to South Korea, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Israel and other countries along “the Belt and Road”. Since 2008, Higer Bus has established a complete after-sales service team to provide after-sales service for customers inPakistan, a country along “the Belt and Road”. Superior production quality and considerate after-sales service have been widely recognized by the Pakistan people. With a new batch of Higer buses entering Pakistan, Higer will stay true to its original mission to make contributions to local public transportation, thereby enhancing the influence of “Made in China” in the countries along the“Belt and Road”.