Football Fans from South Korea Speak Highly of Higer Buses

Lately, SouthKorea and Uruguay battled to the fourth scoreless draw of the 2022 FIFA WorldCup at Education City Stadium in Qatar. Many football fans from South Koreatraveled to Qatar to give their full supports to their national team.

After watchingthe game, a football fan from South Korea was quite satisfied with hiscountry’s football team, saying “I wish our (South Korea) team very best luck”.When hopping on a Higer bus, the football fan revealed that he often took Higerelectric buses at his home country, saying “Higer buses are very good”.

Since 2017, Higer has successfully developed10.5-meter electric buses with low-floor access, 11-meter city buses, 11-metercity buses with low-floor access and 9-meter city buses with low-floor accessfor South Korea. So far, about 450 units Higer electric city buses, includingKLQ6109, KLQ6119, KLQ6966, KLQ6116, etc., have been working smoothly in severalmajor cities across the country, providing greener and more convenienttransportation services for local residents.

Fully considering the local working conditionsand local passengers’ special preferences and requirements, Higer electric citybuses usually work 20 hours each day, driving over 300 km. Equipped withelectric control systems independently developed by Higer, high-performanceelectric motors, ECAS and USB portals, these electric city buses can berecharged by fast recharging batteries or double recharging portals, fullymeeting their daily operation requirements.