6,000+ Higer Buses Serve Top Football Event in Qatar

The grand Qatar football eventsuccessfully concluded on December 18, 2022 (Doha time). On the LosailInternational Circuit, Argentine players celebrated their championship in Qataron an open bus, wielding their national flag and enjoying the cheers from numerous fans. As the champion cruise bus,Higer Bus witnessed the glory and joy of the championship together with fans ofthe world.

The KLQ6119GS, an open-top double-decker bus, was speciallyadapted for the event by Higer Bus and Mowasalat, Qatar's nationaltransport company. Spray-painted with Argentine elements and the word"championship", the bus carried the players to enjoy thejoy of victory and the tsunami-like cheers from fans.

As a passenger bus brand with a market share of more than80% in Qatar, over 6,000 Higer buses served as the main means of transportationfor fans and media journalists around the world to travel to and from thestadium in nearly a month. Among them, 2,000+ buses have provided special line service for the event, and 200+ 12-meter luxury buses have provided shuttle service from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.

According to relevant statistics, from the beginning of theevent to the champion cruise, Higer Bus transported about 200,000 passengersper day on average, and nearly 250,000 fans in peak hours, creating a newrecord of 6 million passengers in the whole process. Cai Tiefeng, DeputyDirector of the Overseas Customer Service Department of Higer Bus, said thatthe service guarantee work of this event has set a new record for Higeroverseas service in terms of the vehicle number,service teamsize and manpower and material resource input.

With reliable qualityandefficient service, "Made in China" vehicles represented by Higer Bushave once again been verified on the international arena. The comfortable ride experience and efficient shuttleservice have also wonmany praises from fans and local customers around the world.

"These event buses are in excellent performance and runquietly and smoothly. There are also many Higer buses in our country, andChina-made products are very popular, "said a Cameroonian fan.

"I have been driving the Higer bus since the Asian Games Doha 2006. The vehicle is stable, and its user-friendly design delivers a better driving experience,"said a bus driver from Mowasalat.

During the event, Higer buses also served as media commuting and shuttle vehicles, and wonrecognitionfrom global media with "zero complaints". If there is a World Cup for buses, Higer Bus, which hassuccessfully opened high-end markets in the UK, Korea, Israel, Italy, Bulgariaand Ireland in recent years, will be the favorite to win the first tier.

Better Higer, Better Together. Higer Bus is making the worldfall in love with "Made in China". Meanwhile, it is vigorously integratinginto the global industrial chain, innovation chain and value chain, embarkingon a new journey of Chinese bus enterprises toward global.