Higer Electric City Buses Arrive in Costa Rica for Operation

On April 11, a grand ceremony was held in Beijing to mark South-South Cooperation on Climate Change-Delivery of China’s Aids to Costa Rica, Kiribati and Botswana. Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Chen Dulian, president of Higer, together with ambassadors of the above-mentioned countries to China, attended the ceremony.

Higer electric city buses will soon embark on their journey to Costa Rica for operation, providing greener and more convenient transportation services for local residents. Particularly designed for Costa Rica, this batch of Higer electric city buses deliver consistently impressive performances and achieve superbly high safety standards. Their interior, with ergonomically designed seats, is simple but comfortable. Equipped with an LED dashboard, a radar imaging system, an advanced air-conditioning system, luggage racks for large-sized luggage, etc., it is able to drive 280 km continuously after being fully recharged. Statistics show that under normal driving conditions, each Higer electric city bus is able to cut carbon emissions by 6.72 tons each year.

Through delivering electric city buses to Costa Rica, Higer plans to further deepen its cooperation with bus operators in the country, promoting highly efficient and environmentally friendly public transport. As early as 2007, the bus maker delivered its first batch of buses to Costa Rica. Currently, over 300 units Higer buses & coaches are in smooth operation, having established a solid reputation in the country. Moreover, Higer boasts six Sales & Service Centers across Costa Rica, fully ensuring timely services for local bus operators.

As the first country in Central America to establish diplomatic ties with China in the 21st century, Costa Rica is now China’s strategic cooperative partner and the two countries have carried out fruitful cooperation in a number of areas. In February, 2022, China promised to donate six units electric citybuses to Costa Rica to mark the country’s third year in launching Decarbonization Campaign. In July, 2022, Higer successfully won the bid to make the delivery.

It is revealed that all the aids from China, including electric citybuses, photo voltaic systems, environmental monitoring equipment, mobile weather-forecast stations, remote sensing satellites, will soon arrive in these countries for service.

As a staunch supporter of South-South Cooperation on Climate Change,China has been taking a series of effective measures to work closely with countries and regions across the world, especially those developing countries, in fighting against carbon emissions. By carrying out cooperation on fighting against global warming with 38 developing countries, China has so far launched over 60 aid programs and held over 50 training sessions.

Nowadays, it is widely agreed that people around the globe must work together and act speedily to protect the increasingly fragile eco-system. To cut carbon emissions, China has been actively involved in promoting new energy vehicles. In 2022, it sold 6.887 million new energy vehicles, up by 93.4% yearon year and accounting for 61.2% of the world’s total sales volume of new energy vehicles. For eight consecutive years, China has ranked the first place in the world in the sales of new energy vehicles.