78.718 Billion Yuan! Higer Bus Listed among China's 500 Most Valuable Brands for 16 Consecutive Years

On the afternoon of June 15, the (20th) World BrandSummit hosted by World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. At the summit, the 2023China's 500 Most Valuable Brands List was released. Higer Bus has once againmade the list, ranking 129th with a brand value of 78.718 billionyuan.

This marks the 16th consecutive year that Higer Bushas been recognized as one of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, which reflectsboth the strong recognition from global professional evaluators towards HigerBus and once again proves the brand's robust strength and influence.

This year, Higer Bus seized the opportunity and won many largeorders to help countries accelerate the development of green and efficientpublic transport systems. In March, 200 Higer luxury city buses of wereofficially exported to Ethiopia. This batch of vehicles is mainly used toimprove the travel of Addis Ababa people and help raise the standard of localpublic transportation. In May, 780 Higer high-end coaches were officiallyshipped to Saudi Arabia. This batch of coaches, with a value exceeding 400million yuan, represents the largest single export of Chinese coaches to SaudiArabia from the beginning of 2023 up until now. It fully demonstrates thecompetitiveness and brand strength of China's high-end coaches in theinternational market. Currently, Higer Bus has exported nearly 4,000 vehiclesto Saudi Arabia, covering a wide range of products including pilgrimage buses,school buses, city buses, tourist buses, and labor buses.

For 16 consecutive years,Higer Bus has been listed as one of the most valuable brands in China's 500Most Valuable Brands List which is a testament to their hard work andperseverance and will inspire Higer Bus to strive for even greater excellence. Inthe future, Higer Bus will continue to recognize change, respond to change,adapt to change and innovate to change, with the aim of driving the brand tonew heights and supporting industry transformation and upgrading.