Largest Order of Pakistan for 160 Higer Electric Buses!

January 5 witnessed the delivery ceremony in Suzhou Industrial Park of 160 Higer high-end electric buses exported to Pakistan. It is worth noting that the reported total value of this order, including 160 buses, was over 23 million USD. This marks Pakistan's first significant import of pure electric buses in bulk. The delivery of this batch fully shows that the China's new energy buses have great competitiveness and brand influence worldwide, and also brightens the co-construction of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. RANA, the Directorate General of CDA in Pakistan, Mr.AMER, the General Manager of Commercial Projects of NRTC, Mr. AMIR, the Chairmanof Universal Atuo Engineering, Huang Shuping, the General Manager of Higer Bus,Qiu Yuanhong, the Deputy General Manager of Higer Bus, Xie Jianghong, the CustomerService Director of Higer Bus, Jiang Haifeng, the General Manager of OverseasSales Company, et al.

During the delivery ceremony, Higer's General Manager Huang Shuping presented golden keys symbolizing friendship to CDA representative Mr. RANA, and Deputy General Manager Qiu Yuanhong presented plaques symbolizing cooperation to to NRTC representative Mr. AMER.

Mr. RANA and Mr. AMER praised the high-quality of Higer buses. The day before the delivery ceremony, they tested the vehicles, whether in terms of appearance, performance and other aspects, the batch of Higer buses performed very well. After years of cooperation, Higer New energy bus has become the first bus brand in Pakistan, and looking forward to contribute more to Pakistan's green travel.

Following the announcement of departure by Huang, 160 Higer electric buses officially departed for Pakistan.

Higer first sold its vehicles to Pakistan in 2006. Based on the analysis on Higerbuses' actual operation there over the years and the heavy dust and traffic jamthat displease local people, Higer has kept carrying out technological innovation and improving vehicle configuration to make high-quality buses thatcan better cope with the local climate and complex road conditions in Pakistan.This batch of electric buses exported features zero emissions, low operatingcost and little noise pollution. They are dedicated to greatly improve the operation efficiency of public transportation and the travel quality ofresidents, improve the local environment and air quality, and make the cities abetter place.

This batch of Higer electric buses embraces a classic bus style. With the golden power combination of high-power motor + high-quality battery, the vehicle operation efficiency is fully ensured, and the endurance mileage can reach more than 250 km. The most advanced cathodic electrophoresis technology is used for the whole vehicle, and the anti-corrosion period exceeds ten years.

In terms of interior space, the buses have an interior height of more than 2.3 meters, low entrances and a large passage. Equipped with 24 passenger seats and 2 folding seats in the wheelchair area, the vehicle can carry more than 45passengers with comfort. Such design allows passengers to take a quick andefficient ride and effectively increases the carrying capacity. For the driver,high-end luxurious driver's seat and driver's surround ensure safe driving. Inaddition, the long-strip LED roof lights inside the vehicle and split-type LED headlights as well as three super large destination signs in the front, middleand rear also provide passengers with a wonderful vision experience.

In terms of software intelligence, all the 160 Higer electric buses are equipped with an intelligent operation system T-BOX, which can monitor driver behavior and vehicle operation data in real time to ensure operational safety and take care of passengers' ride.

In 2021, Higer exported 115 luxury buses to Pakistan. In 2022, the brand carried out in-depth cooperation with the Sindh and Islamabad governments andcustomized 250 hybrid buses and 30 diesel buses respectively. Buses of thisbatch are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and reliable in operation,establishing a milestone for the improvement of Pakistan's public transport system. At the beginning of 2024, Higer cooperates with Islamabad government indepth again to provide 160 high-end electric buses for the capital of Pakistan.This is the first time Pakistan imports electric buses in bulk and it also marks the largest order of China's pure electric bus exported to Pakistan. Tothis day, as Higer electric buses begin to operate in Pakistan, China's newenergy bus solution will definitely add more impetus to the development ofgreen energy of Pakistan.

Over the past decade, the Belt and Road Initiative has been the most popular international public product and the largest platform for international cooperation. Higer Buses have also flourished in countries along the Belt and Road, leaving touching public transportation landscapes. Looking into the future, Higer will take the new golden decade of the Belt and Road Initiative as a starting point, keep deeply exploring the world's public transportation field, and promote the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative.