Higer: Customer Training Unrelaxed during the Epidemic

In Macau, Higer buses are increasingly pervasive. Up to date, the marketownership has exceeded 700 units, ranking second among Chinese bus brands,earning high brand awareness and reputation in the locality, and mainly servingbus market, tourist connection, driving school and so forth.

As an important bus operator in Macau, Macau Transmac Bus hassuccessively purchased 258 Higer buses, including 32 extended-range city busesand 3 extended-range coaches. The extended-range vehicles showed outstandingperformance after arriving in Macau, not only energy-saving, eco-friendly andzero-emission, but also with a stable and reliable operation rate, acknowledgedand recognized by drivers, captains and vehicle attendants. However, confrontedwith inadequate understanding of complete vehicle layouts, driving modes,operation buttons and symbol meanings of extended-range electric vehicles,under these circumstances, drivers dared not to proceed with driving thevehicle when they came across uncertain problems, thus leading to increasedvehicle repair rate and driver’s fearful mentality on extended-range trams. Forthe purpose of addressing these problems, cultivating correct operation mode ofdrivers, and enabling them to further familiarize with the productfunctionality, Higer Bus dispatched personnel for training service work on theMacau market during the epidemic period.

The training started on October 21 and lasted for 4 days, driving andoperation training on the first three days, divided into two aspects of theoryand practice, and vehicle repair and maintenance Q&A on the last day. Asthe extended-range electric vehicle is a new product developed for Macau inrecent two years, some maintenance personnel were slowly exploring the repairmethod and experience of extended-range vehicles based on diesel vehicles.Especially with regard to high pressure, maintenance personnel were afraid torepair the vehicles, due to insufficient understanding. After these days oftraining and answering questions, maintenance personnel felt less dread on thepart of high-voltage electricity.

This training was highly applauded by customers, and they spoke highlyof Higer vehicles for energy conservation, environmental protection andexcellent comfort. In the meantime, they expected us to keep up with good work,and continuously provide vehicles with better quality and more user-friendlyfunctions.

Since the first batch of Higer buses was available in 2006, Higer hastaken deep roots in Macau for a total of 14 years. Whether amidst typhoon,rainstorm or raging epidemic, Higer Bus’s services are always on hand,uninterruptedly providing vehicle guidance, warranty, technical upgrade,difficult repair and the like. Under sparkling stars, Hao River is glittering,and dazzling lights escort this prosperous and changeable city, while alsoshining on the traffic people who safeguard urban traffic. Higer customerservice staff will continuously adhere to the philosophy of “Higer Service,Higher Service”, and provide customers with better service experience.