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Higer: Customer Training Unrelaxed during the Epidemic

In Macau, Higer buses are increasingly pervasive. Up to date, the marketownership has exceeded 700 units, ranking second among Chinese bus brands,earning high brand awareness and reputation in the locality, and mainly servingbus market, tourist connection, driving school and so forth. As an important bus operator in Macau, Macau Transmac Bus hassuccessively purchased 258 Higer buses, including 32 extended-range city busesand 3 extended-range coaches. The extended-r...
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A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You

The sales volume of HIGER buses in the UAE market continues rising, andthe number of HIGER buses in UAE has reached 1204 units. HIGER has an excellentperformance in the global market with relatively mature after-sales servicesystem. In order to establish the image of market service, to improve customers’satisfaction, the leaders of Overseas Customer Service Department of HIGER organizedan activity named ‘A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You’ in the UAE. In March 2020, the airlines wa...
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